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Code/Model No: AMUSE002

  • Direct from Amuse in Osaka, Japan!
  • 100% authenticity guaranteed.
  • Fully Licenced product.

  • The adorable Mameshiba san Kyoudai Komoriuta Dog collection are the BRAND NEW plushie pack to join our AMUSE family!

    Man's best friend has never been cuter with these group of playful puppies all eager to become a part of your family! Each sporting their very own kawaii bib in an array of colours to match their individual patterns and styles ? Adopt one of your very own or even collect the whole set!!

    Standing at approx. 23cm They partner up to be the perfect cuddly companion for all dog lovers! Just be sure to give them a loving squeeze every day and you've made a new friend for life!

    Mametaro The easiest to recognise of the entire pack with outstandingly proud Ginger & White fur resembling the traditional Shiba colours and handsomely decorated with a Navy printed bib, Mametaro would make a loyal companion to any loving owner!

    Sasuke Slightly immature but that just makes him all the more endearing! This silly little Milk-tea coloured runt can never be missed with his adorably wide, floppy, oversized ears and bright Blue onigiri printed bib!

    Ginji Polite and patient, this gentle Mameshiba is uniquely coloured with a faded Grey & White pattern that matches with his soft blush and innocent puppy-eyes that are impossible to say no to!

    Sugar If you love Chihuahua's then you're in luck because this little Princess is an adopted honorary member of the pack! Bright-eyed and dressed pretty in Pink with a kawaii Yellow birdie printed on the front of her bib, why not add a little sweetness into your life and adopt Sugar!

    Which pup will become your new best friend!?

    Material Outer:
    Soft Plush material of a Super High quality.
    Size: Approx. 23cm

    Keep It Secret only sells 100% authentic Amuse Products direct from Japan.
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