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Omusubi Yasan Pencil Caps, Kamio

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Omusubi Yasan Pencil Caps, Kamio
Availability: 20 in Stock
Code/Model No: KAMI230/223

  • Direct From Japan.
  • Official UK Re-Seller.
  • Hard to find in the UK.
  • 100% Authentic Original product.

  • Direct from the brand Kamio, Omusubi Yasan Pencil Caps are a must have for any Japanese stationery enthusiast. Not found much outside of Asia but a very useful and handy item to keep in your pencil case. Some times you favorite colouring pencil just gets to small to hold. That's when these little pencil caps come into play but extending that pencil until it's all gone! Genius!

    Pack Size approx: W: 5cm H: 7cm
    Keep It Secret Only Sells Authentic Japanese Products.
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